Dominick Montgomery
CEO & Founder of The Montgomery Group


Why consult with Dominick?

Dominick Montgomery brings over a decade of expertise in digital marketing, having guided numerous companies from concept to acquisition. With three international design awards and a reputation as a “Super Human Marketer” by Wistia, Dominick’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the complex digital landscape.

A Letter From Dominick

I’m here to share my journey and insights to help you overcome mental blocks and achieve your true potential. Start earning what you deserve, not just what clients are willing to pay. If you’re skeptical about what I can teach you, feel free to do it your way. But when you’re ready to take a different approach, I’ll be here to help you avoid the mistakes I’ve made and seize the opportunities I’ve captured.

Having successfully run a digital marketing agency for over 12 years, my advice comes from real, practical experience. Combined with over a decade of being coached myself, I provide a unique perspective into the mind of a creative entrepreneur, and what it takes to succeed in one of the most competitive markets.

About Dominick Montgomery

Professional Background
With 12 years in the digital marketing industry, Dominick has won three international design awards and assisted over 20 companies from concept to acquisition. He has been featured as a “Super Human Marketer” by Wistia and has spoken at Digital Dealer, Wordcamp, Tulsa Tech, University of Tulsa, Westmont College, Oral Roberts University, Arkansas State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Oklahoma and Fuller Seminary. His podcast, “The No Sleep Startup Podcast,” boasts over 1 million listens.

Founder of AudienceRent
Dominick also founded AudienceRent, further showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation in digital marketing.

Philosophy and Approach
Dominick believes in the power of data and strategy. The Montgomery Group has built custom tools that provide insights and data that most agencies don’t have. They are revenue-driven with a focus on educating clients, creating a collaborative partnership rather than just being a vendor.

Personal Touch
Dominick’s approach often involves being a “triage” for clients who have had poor experiences with other agencies. His work restores their trust in marketing. His motivation comes from a commitment to daily learning and innovation.

Hobbies and Interests
Dominick is a husband, father of four, basketball coach, and a loyal LA Clippers and Atlanta Falcons fan.


Recognition and Awards
Dominick’s firm has received three international design awards and is recognized as a Google Partner, META certified, and Hubspot certified. His work has been featured on Wistia,, AgencyAnalytics, and Behance.

Professional Involvement
He is a “founder” in the 36ºNorth Incubator and sits on the board of directors for Montgomery House, a 501(c)(3) organization. He mentors 10-15 business owners annually.

Teaching and Lecturing
Dominick has taught at several colleges and universities on topics like SEO, A.I., digital marketing, and Google Ads. A memorable testimonial noted his genuine care for the students and their businesses.

Online Presence

Personal Message
“Keep learning.”



Tulsa, Oklahoma
100 South Cincinnati Avenue, 5th Floor


(818) 720 – 9920