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Expand your reach to more searchers with faster and more efficient keyword-level search retargeting.
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With our search retargeting platform, your campaigns focus on keywords, allowing our clients to combine the proficiency of search while still utilizing the potent reach and visual impact of display ads.

We can collect “intent data” while a user is searching in real-time, offering the most effective targeting data for our advertiser’s campaigns. Using search retargeting, our client advertisers use our campaign tools to target prospects with display advertising based on interests and searches in real-time across all branches of the Internet.

TMG Approach


Targeted Keyword Bidding, Optimization and Reporting: Our platform offers full visibility and management for each keyword targeted. As with SEM, the ability to change bids for each individual keyword lets our advertisers achieve the most conversions on a single keyword.

Variable Recency: Our platform also provides advertisers with the able to target and bid based on how recently the user searched. For example, advertisers can choose to target users who have searched with 15 seconds or minutes, or you can choose multiple days and weeks. If you understand the recency for your audience, you can optimize campaigns for CPA, CTR, and CPC.

Total Transparency: Our client advertisers know exactly how much of each marketing dollar spent goes to data collection, media, and total platform costs. In addition, our advertisers can track marketing spend and conversions on each keyword, domain, exchange, time of day, and more. However, we currently do not support CPM arbitrage.



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