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Engage new customers with dynamic video advertising across premium channels and publisher networks.
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Video is the top media choice for reaching today’s users across multiple screens and devices. You can instantly grab data from users browsing on desktop computers and mobile devices. Real-time bidding allows our clients to also target users based on their browsing behavior, interests, and geo.

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Programmatic Advantages

Premium Inventory: Availability of programmatic video inventory is less than display inventory, accounting for only about 1% of all programmatic inventory. works with LiveRail, SpotXchange, and AdX (DoubleClick). Now you can ensure your videos are seen by prospects on premium publishers and top mobile apps.

Ad Placement: Video ads often appear center page and above the fold for the best viewability among programmatic ads.

Global Distribution: Our platform can serve video ads across the globe including the United States, English speaking countries, Latin America, and Europe.



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